Burn Support

“From Patient to Survivor“


The journey from burn patient to burn survivor is a long and painful one. It is sustained by hope, conviction and unparalleled courage. Physical pain, long hospitalizations, disfigurement, emotional and psychological trauma are challenges that survivors, along with their families, experience.

Many burn survivors have to deal with a change in their appearance, which directly affects their self esteem and body image. Some burn survivors find it overwhelming to be seen out in public. It is very effective to bring burn survivors together so that they may provide support for one another, share their stories and help each other heal from the psychological aspects of their unique injuries. Family members are also in need of support and socialization with others who know what they have experienced.

Our goal is to renew harmony and balance for both burn survivors and their families through keynote speakers and break-out sessions. Sharing circles (open microphone) are also a part of the conference as a meaningful way to connect the group and share one’s story.