Justina Page


Justina Page is a natural storyteller who speaks with a bold and refreshing honesty that touches the hearts of audiences. Her speeches unfold with a combination of humor, insightful observation and wisdom, as well as practical application. Justina is a woman whose faith was tested by fire. She now inspires audiences across the country with a powerful message of hope and triumph.

Her award-winning book, The Circle of Fire, tells the story of how Justina’s life was changed forever when fire swept through her home, March 7, 1999. The loss of her 22-month old twin son, Amos, the severe and lasting injuries of her other twin son, Benjamin, and her own devastating experience of third degree burns covering 55 percent of her body affected the entire family.

With the support of her husband, James, and their surviving children, as well as her dedicated church family, Justina was able to use the power of faith and love to turn tragedy into triumph. From the ashes of fire a new hope has emerged. She is the Founder and Executive Director of The Amos House of Faith, a non-profit organization, established to provide post-burn support to children and families affected by burn trauma.


Deborah Blaney Ward


Nova Scotia born Deborah Blaney Ward is the author of “Silently Weeping”, an autobiography of her life after suffering burns to over 70 per cent of her body at the tender age of 7.  Deborah’s Life story reflects her belief that there is always “hope” no matter what the situation.

Deborah devotes most of her time to burn support through local organizations. She is President of the Nova Scotia Burn Support Group, Secretary Treasurer for the Canadian Burn Survivor Community, President of the Avon Boat Club, Secretary for Tidewater Burn Support Group (an American Support Group) and a hospital volunteer. She is a peer support worker with burn survivors and regularly supports others on the Burn Victim Survivor Facebook page.

Deborah is an accomplished speaker and is available for presentations at schools, clubs, service organizations and more.


Tyler Pelke


At the age of 14, Tyler’s friend Curtis was murdered while he was sexually assaulted, his throat slit, set on fire and left to die by the same attacker.  Tyler survived, but was left with physical and physiological scars.

Refusing to let an event or his circumstance define him, he pressed on to understand his purpose in life.  Featured on A&E’s Biography Channel’s “I Survived”, Tyler tells the compelling story of confronting his attacker in prison and finding peace and purpose in life through his journey of forgiveness and serving others.

Professionally, despite sustaining 3rd degree burns to 25% of his body, Tyler went on to pursue a career as a firefighter and has continued his passion of serving in the Canadian fire service, currently working today as an Assistant Deputy Fire Chief.  Humbled by those who supported and helped him over the years, he believes in the power of paying it forward.  He volunteered many years within the burn survivor community and serves as a victims advocate with the Parole Board and Corrections Canada.

Knowing all to well of the challenges we can all face in life, he speaks to audiences about the power of forgiveness and the notion of how being grounded in your purpose in life is key to dealing with adversity.  He strives to inspire those around him to turn negatives into positives through making everyday count and his passion is to see people and organizations pursue their full potential.

His dynamic presentation will inspire audiences to develop a healthy perspective and continue to push forward both personally and professionally, making the most of every opportunity that comes to pass